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Hi, my name is Ty, but I’ve self-nicknamed my self “Mr. BB Cake”. I’ve never been called this in a personal or professional setting, but it’s only fitting since my wife is the owner of BB Cakes. Maybe it will stick, maybe someone will come along with something much better. Only time will tell…


I thought it could be fun to journal/blog the journey my wife (and family) has been on since embarking on the quest to bake the ultimate half pound cookies. It’s been quite the rollercoaster so far, but it’s so exciting to meet, feed, and become better acquainted with our community. Brianne has told me her favorite part about this has been seeing the smiles on peoples faces when they either taste a cookie or even stop, stare, and discuss what the heck they are looking at.


Brianne has been baking for as long as I have known her. She started with cupcakes, going as far as making a Facebook & Instagram page and marketing to friends and family. This was certainly something she juggled on the side, and was never able to go “all in”. Cottage laws were different back then, and we didn’t have the capital to purchase a commercial kitchen. Everything changed after being presented with an offer to purchase a Candy Shop. After the visit, we discussed the pros and cons of what the purchase would look like for our family. After much debate, Brianne decided to investigate what her cupcake business could look like if she started again and realized that she was now able to bake from home and sell at markets. This meant we could stay in Milwaukee, and Brianne could attempt her side hustle but with readily available opportunities.


PSA – I’m not a writer, so I’m sure I will butcher this. Please bare (or bear) with me as I learn what the heck I’m doing.


Things were going fine, but Brianne felt like her heart was not in it. She had been starting to build a brand and connections and stumbled across “big” cookies. She felt like her experience baking could lead her to create some cool (bomb) things. She went to work in her test kitchen, and the rest is ancient (recent) history. Things picked up (and continue to) fast, and it seemed like this was the path she was meant to go down. She continued to juggle a full-time job, being a new mom, a wife, & doing the hundred other things she does daily while growing and feeding the business. Today, we’re about to embark on a new journey, which is Brianne being able to fully commit to growing BB Cakes, which is super exciting. There seems to be new opportunities in her inbox every day, and she can now pursue those while only juggling 99 things (give or take). One of the coolest things she’s doing is her first, annual “Cookie Eating Contest”. We hope that this event goes down in history as one of the coolest things to happen to Milwaukee since Beer was invented and drank and drank and drunk.


I thought a quick background (at least Mr. BB Cakes take) blog on BB Cakes would be interesting to a few people (maybe not at all). I hope you, the reader, enjoyed the vast, extensive history on how BB Cakes came to be. Our hope is that we can continue to come up with awesome cookies (or other treats) and continue to put smiles on everyone’s faces. Brianne puts her heart and soul into every single cookie, and you can tell when you take your first bite. For now, I bid you adieu. Stay snacking reader!

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